Behind every coffee we source, there is a great story about complete dedication and chasing a dream.

Besides the world’s far largest, Brazil is also the most complex coffee producer, where cup flavour profiles vary tremendously throughout the country according to different terroir and climate besides harvesting and processing methods. If you will cup through our offer, besides some average Brazilian greens with chocolately, nutty, low acid, sometimes fruity and nice bittersweet tastes, you might easily find also many differentiated coffees. We separate them into four different categories:


We adore the complete dedication and passion of small coffee producers with their traditional familly aproach. That is why, most of our work is done in the regions defined by small producers. Some of our partners produce just few bags of great coffee per year. After checking the quality and cupping those coffees, we classify them into one of three profiles of our colectivo coffees. Coffees are scoring between 83 and 85 points and are available in larger quantities.


We find it cruical to study cup profiles according to different varieties and cultivars. Eventhough it is not as defined as in wine, but stil, different varietals in adeqaute conditions, will bring different, characteristic flavor notes. As there are many different factors, such as the terroir, exposure to sun, harvest and processing methods, we always have to take all of them into account.

Varietals: Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Mundo novo, Yellow Caparaó, Catura.


The definition of Microlot is one of the most flexible in the specialty coffee vocabulary. For us at Coffers Direct, a microlot scores from 87 above, is fully traceable and comes in a limited suppy, usually around two to ten bags. Coffees, that represent this category are different in their uniqueness and flavour. These coffees are the best promoters of the specific coffee growing regions where we source.


With theese category, we are answering the interest of the most demanding clients. It presents differentiated flavour notes, that are a result of an inovative processing methods. So it is about establishing new paradigms of taste and sensoric experiences. The idea that we follow, is to develop extraordinary flavour profiles that can be repeated every year and as such be able to partner in consistency and quality of our clients.

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