When I was a child, I have had the luck to be a proud owner of a nice small orchard of apple trees. I would really say a perfect size, to still manage to get good grades in school, have fun with friends and also develop a close connection with nature. The apples from my orchard were really great, but every year the apples from two specific apple trees were much sweeter than others. As I took care the same way for all the apple trees, it must have been the result of the mixture of natural factors, that was especially favourable for the apples. We made natural apple juice from all the apples except from those two trees, those we left on the trees and ate them there. If we would mix them all together, we would never know the difference, the sweetness that the nature has packed in these particular fruits.

Especially in recent years, coffee growing has come a long way. Even in the most remoted coffee growing regions, a lot of effort is being invested in constant improvement of the quality of the green beans. If we dare to generalize it, every year the coffee is getting better. However, many times I have an opportunity to cup a coffee of a hard-working producer with excellent potential in growing conditions, but the flavour profile of his coffee is just nothing special. He is trying to sell his blended beans to whom comes around, without a concrete strategy. Most of the times, the growers just do not cup their coffees, but just want to sell them mixed all together. That way, all the special characteristics of the best green beans are lost in the crowd. Just as my apple might have been if I would not have tasted them regularly.

As we can see, besides all the cuddling of the coffee while being planted, harvested and processed, producing micro-lots is principally conditioned by a lot of qualitive cupping. But what is a micro-lot? We could try to define it as a small quantity of coffee, particularly cultivated on a certain area of land, with known altitude, gently picked and processed in a separated way. Its characteristics is a unique and differentiated flavour, so it has to be separated. If mixed together with the rest, his unique flavour is lost forever. And that way, everyone loose. The grower receives lower price and nor the roaster nor the consumer do not taste this amazing flavour as it is hidden in the blend. A such, separation of different parts of the complete lot optimizes the output and sometimes leads to some amazing flavour profiles.

This differentiated approach of dividing the beans in micro-lots is usually based on geographical positioning, variety isolation, producer provenance, processing methodology, delivery period, or all of the above. As we can see, even though the general growing conditions might be almost similar, the output many times isn´t, as the beans are very sensitive. Let us take into consideration two coffee cherries, that are growing on the same coffee plant one next to each other. With the same DNA and almost the same conditions, one is completely mature and the other one is still completely green. This is especially common in coffees grown on high altitudes. Thanks to more and more exigent consumers and consequently green coffee buyers, the growers who are following that developing demand, manage to transform these natural phenomena into amazing and differentiated flavours. Consequently, the quality is literally booming year to year.

To conclude, coffee growing has come a long way and especially in recent years, there is a lot of effort invested in constant improvement of the quality of the green beans. If we dare to generalize it, every year the coffee is better. Also, the conventional one. The final result of this effort are micro-lots, ranging in lot size from one to 30 bags.  In our offer, also several single variety sub-separations are available from specific producers. These coffees represent the fantastic potential and variety of Brazil specialty coffee. At, we are truly grateful and honoured for the opportunity to partner in their effort and make a part in this project of internationalization in order to present their coffees to the most exigent consumers all around the world. Feel free to contact us in case you want to know more about our current selection.