Drinking two or more cups of coffee a day may prolong your life span, according to two researches made on more than half a million people all around the world.

Two new studies have proved a positive corelation between drinking coffee, longer life and better health

Coffee has been around for centuries and the health effects of drinking it have been discussed for many decades. And even though through long years it was accused to cause heart disease and also some other ilnesses, newer researches have shown that it may actually have health benefits. One of the reasons for this drastical change is that earlier studies usually didn't take into account smoking, phisical inactivity and other high-risk behaviors, that are more spread among heavy coffee drinkers. However, it looks like, the science had come to an end of this doubt. Besides being pretty amazing for our brain, skin and body, according to two new studies published in Annals of Internal Medicine on Monday, our sweet morning addiction leads to a longer life. We will drink to that!

The first study was performed in 10 European countries and included more than 520,000 people. As such, it is the largest study on coffee and mortality. Its conclusion is that drinking more coffee could significantly lower a person's risk of mortality.

The second study was focused on non-white populations. It included more than 185,000 Japanese-Americans, African-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos and Hawaiians. It has confirmed that drinking coffee increases life span across various races.

According to the study, the largest benefit of drinking coffee is for people who drink two to four cups a day. Apparently, their risk od death is lower for 18% compared with people that do not drink it. The research on non-white population was managed by Miss Veronica Wendy Seitwan, associate professor of preventative medicine at USC's Keck School of Medicine, who confirmed that these conclusions coincide with others, previous studies that had researched a white population. She added that even though all these people have very different lifestyle and especially different dietary customs, the patterns are surprisingly similar and are leading to different quantity of coffee consumption.

The strongest relationship is being shown in inversed correlation between coffee consumption and mortality for cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart and respiratory disease. Besides that there is a strong biological possibility for positive relationship between long life span and coffee consumption.

In the meanwhile, the research amongst 520,000 Europeans discovered an opposite correlation between coffee drinking and cancer in woman, suicide in men, circulatory or liver disease. All the causes were drastically reduced by drinking three or more cups of coffee per day.

Coffee preparation and consumption are quite diverse in different European countries. However, the positive effects remain the same across Europe. That fact again leaded to a conclusion, that there is something about coffee not in the way how it is drunk or prepared.


Certain coffee compounds can help reducing different illness, such as Parkinson´s disease

The mixture of compounds in coffee is very complexed and quite many of them have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties besides some biological effects.  

Oneo f the conclusions of the European research is that, those who are drinking coffee have better glucose control, lower levels of inflammation and healthier lipid profiles in comparison to those who don´t. At this moment it is not completely clear exactly which compounds provide these health benefits. According to the research team, this is for sure a subject to be researched in next steps.

As smoking is known to lead to different diseases and consequently reduce the life span, the studies separated smokers from non-smokers in order to enable the isolated evaluation of the effect of coffee consumption. Nevertheless, the final conclusion was, that smoking does not affect negatively the positive effects of coffee as coffee extends the life span of non-smokers and smokers. However, drinking coffee can´t eliminate the negative health effects of smoking.


Does coffee also has some negative effects on our health?

Even though the research have reposrted some significant health benefits of coffee drinking, it does not necessarily bring them to everyone. Different studies have found out that higher consumption of unfiltered coffee could be associated with slightly increased cholesterol levels. Another fact is, that the people with a specific — and fairly common — genetic mutation that slows the breakdown of caffeine in the body, might be exposed to higher risk of heart disease when drinking two or more cups of coffee daily. So, once more it is good to know your body and how quickly you metabolize coffee as it may affect your health risk.

There are also few considerations to be taken into account, that the researchers did not exclude in the research:


To summarize

The research team does not recommend that people should start drinking lots of coffee, but a moderate drinking can be easily a part of a healthy lifestyle as it doesn´t do you any harm. In contrary, it probably brings many benefits to you and your body. For example, while fruits and vegetables both have tons of antioxidants, the human body seems to absorbs the most of it out of coffee. Here, we completely agree with miss Setiawan and her team: “We cannot say drinking coffee will prolong your life, but for sure there is a strong correlation.”