1. Contact us through e-mail, telephone or Skype, so we can go through our offer and your business model necessities.
  2. Discuss what coffees from our offer are suitable for you and you would like to have them for longer periods. Besides the regular coffees, we can supply you with some very interesting flavour profiles, that might be interesting for your buyers on a permanent basis. Such as the coffees awarded as the Coffee of the year, Cup of Excellence and many regional contests.
  3. Most roasters use a mix of some fixed profile coffees they buy annually, adding some seasonal coffees or microlot selections.
  4. Estimate volumes, make a spreadsheet according to your estimated range of products, volumes, and price. This draft is being made in order to get to know your needs and is of course not binding at this stage.
  5. If interested, ask about transport arrangements. We can deliver your coffee to your door on desired date.
  6. Payment terms will be discussed. We suggest that warehousing, financing, logistics and deadlines are determined up front.
  7. Based on all written above, we can look at most adequate supplying periods and different volume discount options.


Planning your purchases together with us might be one of the best ways for you to optimize your greens quality and keep your prices at a reasonable level. To help you achieving that, our purchase department is based in Brazil, cooperating closely with the growers.

If you are willing to share with us your future necessities and your product range, we already have you in mind while doing the primary sourcing, directly by the growers. However at least once per year we have to meet and cup together, in order to get calibrated. As such, we can get a clean idea of what profiles you are looking for.


We hold cuppings in our office in Slovenia and also in various cities, to present incoming coffees. Off course, we can also send samples to your address. Please, be aware, that the amount of pre-shipment samples is limited! Contact us in order to guarantee yours!


All orders can be discussed and placed via email. Inform us the details about your purchase and we will send you an order confirmation by email to confirm price, quantity, addresses, VAT numbers, etc.

We will need the following information:

  • Official company name
  • Billing address
  • Shipping / delivery address
  • VAT number
  • Contact person, email, phone
  • Once confirmed, we will send you the invoice with our bank details. As soon as we receive payment (or copy of payment confirmation from your bank), we’ll get the goods prepared and shipped!


We finance coffee purchase to our clients for up to six months. The price of financing varies from 1 to 4 % per purchase.

However, a partial prepayment as a purchase confirmation is required before releasing the coffee from our warehouse.


Anywhere in the world your roastery might be, we can arrange shipment to your door, or prepare the coffee to be picked up by you or your shipping company. In case necessary, we can also support you obtaining the necessary documents.

European customers can take over their green coffee in our warehouse in Slovenia on desired date or it can also be delivered to their doorstep. In both options, minimum purchase is one bag of 30 kg or 60 kg, depends of coffee. However, with increasing quantity the costs of delivery will reduce, so it is more economical to fill up a complete pallet, that is usually about 700 kg or 11 to 12 bags of 60 kg.