We simply adore coffee festivals. Big ones and small ones. There are milion reasons why, but lets say that the principal are, they are great tool for spreading The third coffee wave and contribution to development of coffee culture in general. We also manage to meet a lot of our coffee friends on the same place and at the same time get to know some new ones. Besides that, there is always some amazing energy, lots of fun, great coffee and knowledge exchange. And eventhough, the whole process is always very exhausting, in the end it is worth it.


Slovenia coffee festival, that happens every year in March is surely one of those. And I have to admit, I was really happy when the organizer invited me to make a palestra about Brazilian coffee regions. Firstly, as Slovenia is my home country and secondly, as our European subsidiary is seated in Slovenia. As I did not know the festival, I also did not know what to expect. So I decided to make this palestra completely conversational. So you ask, I answer. And vice versa. Lots of questions, answers and satisfied faces. And lots of new specialty coffee lovers created. The event was closed with cupping some nice microlots from different Brazilian regions.

Eventhough it is a festival oriented more toward final consumers, we have decided to put a stand, to get some feed back from the end market and by the way have some fun with other coffee professionals joined there and help them spreading the Third wave. For this opportunity, we have invited two of our coffee friends, Slovenian barista champion Mr Tomi Pance and Croatian champion in preparing espresso, Mr, Luka Panic. They never met eachother, however, they calibrated easily. Tomi took over our beloved Faema E61 and Luka took care about V60 and Chemex.

You can get some impressions in the video...