Coffers.direct presents an advanced business model that was developed to approximate the growers to the roasters and at the same time optimize their green coffee purchase while implementing the complete bridge from the grower’s hands to the roasters doors. Consequently, Coffers.direct is your guarantee for 100% traceability, minimisation of logistic costs and freshness of your Brazilian green beans.

As we are a big admirer of an excellent coffee and quality improvement, we decided to focus all our efforts into sourcing just in the regions that have been proved as the best in Brazil in recent decade and in partnerships with the producers who are focused into producing quality, not quantity. In order to even improve the quality of coffee being produced and served, we:


Even though we are many times amazed by the high quality of some large lots, we are a true admirer of small quality-oriented growers and their small details that create a uniqueness of their coffees. These details we want to bring to the greatest roasters and other coffee enthusiasts around the world. As such, besides some average Brazilian greens, in our offer you might find many differentiated coffees. Large majority of them grew in order to be roasted by small high-quality roasters that are more than in profitability focused into offering a different experience and unique flavours.

Our Brazilian team can source desired quality of coffees and ship it to you wherever you need it. If in Europe, feel free to order it through our European office, or you can also implement the import process by yourself. If you are located in the USA, Asia, or Oceania, we can ship with terms CIF to your port of choice. If you are in Russia, we can suggest a third-party importer to insure quick and easy transport. To obtain more information, you are more than welcome to contact us and let us know what are your priorities.