Coffee is a unique fruit, full of passion, love, dedication and relationships. We are proud to be able to contribute to improving quality and spread the Brazilian specialty coffee worldwide.

In life, there are things that doesn´t matter, the things that matters and there are also some things, that are extremely important. For us, getting all the amazing flavours from best Brazilian coffee growing regions to European roasters and other coffee enthusiasts is the extremely important one.

What we do

  • Sourcing through the best Brazilian coffee regions.
  • Selection and presentation of the best samples to European and other roasters.
  • Providing a comfortable and secure purchase direct from the Brazilian growers.
  • Taking care of secure and favorable priced logistics from the grower to your door.
  • Development of long term relationship between Roasters and growers.

With facilities in Brazil and Europe, we provide a complete support in your purchase process, including sourcing, purchase, warehousing, logistics, including both export and import process. By working in specific micro regions in Brazil, we aim to supply you with sophisticated selection with origin and a great variety. All the coffees in our offer are selected according to their cup profile.

As such we aim to be a preferred sourcing partner and supplier of Brazilian coffees for roasters looking for sustainability, exceptional quality and reliable service. For our growers partners, we are driven to provide a stable demand and fair price and, consequently, contribute do development of the quality of their coffee. As friends of coffee culture, we are always open for fair partnerships and friendships.

Feel free to contact us with any question.

Mission, Values and Vision


Supply of high quality Brazilian green coffee to European roasters.


  • Partnership and trust helps creating good relationships. We strive for trust-based relationships with our partners and everyone else who surrounds us. Only good and open relationships can help us achieve our primary mission.

  • Fair distribution of earnings in chain and Social responsibility
    We follow the principle that from the ground to the cup every individual has his own special place, consequently his own credit. To develop a long-term collaboration, fair distribution of earnings is necessary in order to ensure the economic development of the coffee growing regions, improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families. Together – for a better coffee, for a better world.

  • Excellency
    With solid and complete knowledge in international trade, our service is performed on the highest level. As such, it does not present any risk to our partners.

  • Entrepreneurship and passion
    We have the knowledge and the passion. That is why we dare to dream about doing more. We continuously seek new improvements, suppliers, business opportunities in order to be able to offer secure and high-quality service.


Become a preferred sourcing partner and supplier of Brazilian coffee for roasters in Europe and around the world, looking for exceptional quality. Through development of long-term relationships between growers and roasters, we aim to contribute to Brazilian grower’s immunity from the speculative fluctuations of the future markets, facilitate purchase of high quality coffee to European roasters and last but not least, enable people to enjoy a better coffee.

Company ID

Our direct trade business model has been developed to establish relationships between the network of high quality growers in the most reknown coffee growing regions in Brazil and our key partners worldwide. As such, our Brazilian based company Coffers Direct is responsible for sourcing, quality control and export process and Coffers Europe, seated in Slovenia, EU, is responsible for import proces, storage and distribution to European clients.

Coffers Direct Eireli - EPP
Rua Urandi 25
22291-020 Urca
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Basic line of business: Green coffee supply
Activity code: 46.21-4-00
NIRE: 33.6.0058073-1
CNPJ: 29.320.161/0001-44
Director: Rok Fabjan
IBAN: BR4290400888043600130018806C1
Coffers Europe d.o.o.
Kanizarica 41
8340 Crnomelj
Slovenia, EU

Basic line of business: Green coffee supply
Activity code: 46370
Registration number: 8003874000
VAT ID number: SI49329227
Director: Rok Fabjan
IBAN: SI56 0315 4100 0502 305

About me


Born and raised in a Slovenian wine growing region of Bela Krajina, surrounded with forests and rivers, orchards and vineyards. Thanks to my home land, I was lucky enough to had an opportunity experiencing the generosity of the nature and its perfection as a child. As much as I remember, the higher state of happiness was brought by my proper apple tree when offering me the sweetest apple ever. The same year, a Sauvignon Blanc from our vineyard managed by my grandfather gained us a first great gold medal. I started to understand two very important things. First, that in agriculture the human factor is just as important as the natural one and second, the difference between being focused in producing quality and producing quantity.

In search for education and professional growth my life path took me away from my apple trees and our vineyard, to Slovenian capital Ljubljana and later to Helsinki in Finland. When in 2012, love brought me to Brazil, the world of coffee opened his doors to me and introduced himself with an excellent cup of coffee. Firstly, I entered in that world just as a coffee and mountain enthusiast, hiking and cycling through hilly Brazilian landscapes and enjoying the amazing flavours. Soon I understood it is not just about cultivating coffee trees, it is about amazing devotion and realizing dreams. Subconsciously, the coffee gained a precious space in my heart. As such, I decided to become a part of this world and contribute to a better coffee culture.

I decided to join my experiences in international trade and the knowledge of best Brazilian coffee growing regions and contribute to the coffee world by helping to build a bridge between best Brazilian growers and European and other roasters. Despite many interesting business models of direct trading and a great offer of green coffee, I found out that in these revolutionary wave, there are many known and unknown excellent growers still to be represented to the roasters and still a lot to be done in order to optimize the communication, selection and delivery process. That is why, I better get back to work. For more information and suggestions please contact me by e-mail: